Meet Our Management Committee

Ashley College has a Management Committee interested in key aspects of school life.  It is responsible for setting the vision and strategic direction of the school, holding the Head Teacher to account for its educational performance and ensuring that financial resources are well spent.

The Management Committee is made up of:  a parent representative, a Local Authority representative, community members and a staff representative.  The Head Teacher attends all meetings.

The Management Committee has delegated some duties to 2 separate committees;-

Finance. Personnel and Premises Committee (FPP) has responsibility for the schools finances, staffing and premises. They review the annual budget, and ensure value for money, prior to recommendations to full committee.  They are also responsible for pay, personnel, health and safety and premises. Chair of FPP is Ms Satchi Shah

Curriculum and Progress Committee (CP)  has responsibility for monitoring all aspects of curriculum, planning and student progress. The Committee has also appointed members to oversee specific areas of activity e.g. SEND. Chair of CP is Mr. Andrew Dunne

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Name Type Role Link / Responsibility Appointed Term Business Interests Connections with Other
Education Establishments, Members or Staff 
Appointed By
Mr Philip Taylor Community Chair

Finance, Premises & Personnel

Health and Safety March 2017 4 years None Declared None Declared Management Committee
Ms Satchi Shah Community Vice Chair

Finance, Premises & Personnel

Safeguarding Lead March 2018 4 years None Declared None Declared Management Committee
Ms Maureen Anthony Community Curriculum & Progress PSHE/SMSC




March 2017 4 years None Declared Chalkhill Primary Management Committee
Mr Andrew Dunne Community Curriculum & Progress Diversity Mark July 2018 4 years None Declared Cardinal Newman Management Committee
Ms Denyse Mitchell Parent Curriculum & Progress July 2021 4 years None Declared Parents
Ms Georgina Nutton Community Curriculum & Progress Art September 2019 4 years None Declared Preston Park Primary Management Committee
Ms Josephine Carroll LA Finance, Premises & Personnel Diversity Mark Dec 2019 4 years None Declared Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust - Learning Disabilities Services Management Committee / Local Authority
Mr Navin Shah Community Finance, Premises & Personnel July 2021 4 years None declared Governor at Glebe School, Harrow Management Committee
Ms Nisha Patel Staff Curriculum & Progress January 2019 4 years None Declared None Declared School Staff
Ms Ranjna Shiyani Headteacher Finance, Premises & Personnel

Curriculum & Progress

September 2016 None Declared None Declared