Curriculum & Learning

Curriculum Introduction

Our Curriculum is developed around the Ashley College aims of resilience, self-confidencetolerance, self-esteem and respect. The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced, clearly planned and ambitious, giving all students the necessary knowledge and cultural capital to succeed, despite any barriers that they may have faced previously, and therefore ‘Build Confidence for the Future’.

We believe that with these aims in mind, and through our curriculum, learners are able to achieve qualifications that will support their life chances and development as individuals who have the characteristics that will allow them to be successful in all areas of their life in modern Britain.

Our Intent is to:

  • develop students’ resilience, self-esteem, confidence, respect and tolerance through a therapeutic approach to wellbeing and academic achievement
  • develop a wraparound school provision that offers personalised learning for all
  • promote students’ love for learning and raise their aspirations
  • ensure our curriculum supports students’ therapeutic needs
  • ensure all teaching and learning is of high quality enabling students to thrive and achieve their full potential
  • encourage students to become independent learners by enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge that they can apply with fluency
  • provide students with the opportunity and support to obtain a range of qualifications, including EBACC, enabling them to progress onto higher education, employment or training
  • teach students to stay safe and healthy through our PHSCE and E-safety programmes; as well as tackling barriers to learning and raising aspirations, therefore improving the life chances of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged students
  • encourage students’ understanding of how to become active citizens and contribute to life within Ashley College, their community and the wider world
  • promote positive behaviour, that is modelled by all
  • enable and encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour
  • ensure wellbeing is incorporated in all that we do for staff and pupils

A full curriculum overview is available here

and further curriculum information can be obtained through the individual provision pages or by speaking to the Deputy Head who has responsibility for Teaching and Learning.