Management Committee Meetings

Our Management Committee meet regularly and agendas and minutes are kept on file and available at Ashley College.  We can provide copies of these documents on request. Please contact admin office.

Management Committee Attendance 2022-2023

Autumn Term 2023
Wednesday 27th September Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 18th October 5pm - Health and Safety

5.30pm - Finance, Personnel, Premises Committee

Wednesday 15th November Curriculum & Progress Committee
Wednesday 13th December Full Management Committee
Spring Term 2024
Wednesday 24th January Curriculum & Progress Committee
Wednesday 28th February Finance, Personnel, Premises Committee @ 4.30pm
Wednesday 13th March Full Management Committee
Summer Term 2024
Wednesday 22nd May Curriculum & Progress Committee
Wednesday 12th June 5pm - Health & Safety

5.30pm - Finance, Personnel, Premises Committee

Weds 26th June Full Management Committee - Extended 3.30 - 6.30pm 










When pupils start their placement at the school, a great deal of care is taken to find out about their welfare needs. Leaders ensure that appropriate and personalised early help is in place so that pupils can settle quickly.
OFSTED (Dec.2017)