Frequently asked questions

How can I make a referral to your school?

Your child’s school can apply to the Brent Inclusion & Alternative Education Service.  Other organisations can also make referrals including the Education Welfare Service, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), and Family Solutions.  The referral must be supported by a medical professionalClick here for full details.

What kind of medical needs do the students have?

Our students may have physical illness or injuries, or complex mental health needs which prevent them from staying in mainstream schools – these last might include low mood and depression, anxiety symptoms, trauma experiences or social or emotional communication difficulties.

What is the age range of the students?

We cater for children and students of statutory school age.  Primary age children have home tuition, older students come to Ashley College if they are able to.

How big are the classes?

Our classes are small – most are smaller than the maximum 8 students.

What subjects does Ashley College offer?

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of accredited and non accredited courses.  In addition to English, Maths and Science we currently offer Computer Science, ICT, Statistics, History, Art, Textile and Food Technology, and several Modern Languages.  We also run courses with a therapeutic element – such as yoga, horticulture, guitar, cooking.  You can see our curriculums hereOur school timetable shows the range of what we offer.

What facilities are there on site?

We are in a spacious building in an attractive and quiet location.  Our facilities include a playground, large grassed area, canteen where students eat together, a kitchen where all school food is cooked and students learn cooking skills, an allotment tended by students, and a small library to provide a quiet space.

Are school lunches provided? Can the school cater for special dietary needs?

Najet our school cook prepares fresh and healthy food daily in our kitchen for students and staff.   You can see a typical menu here. She is used to catering for a range of food allergies and intolerances.

Is there on-site parking?

We have a small car park for short term visits.  Ring at the gates.

What time does school start?

School starts at 9.20 and we stress to students that it is important to arrive on time.  When a student does not arrive, we contact parents/carers if we have not been notified in advance.

How long is the day?

The latest details of our school day are available here

How long are the lessons?

Every lesson is 50 minutes long.  Some students may have double lessons in one subject.

What if my child is ill and can’t come in to school?

We stress the importance of coming to school regularly and on time to all our students.  If your child is ill we ask you to call us to let us know.  The morning register closes at 9.20 and after that we regard students as late.  If we do not hear from you we will contact you.  If students are often absent we will write to you, meet you or ask the Education Welfare Service to intervene.

What homework does my child get?

Different teachers set different homework taking into consideration each child's needs and medical condition.

What’s discipline like?

We have very few incidents of poor behaviour at Ashley College.  Our students enjoy their time here and tell us they feel happy at the school.   We have a Behaviour Policy which ensures consistent handling of (rare) incidents, with an ‘on report’ system.

What about my child’s medication?

We request full information about medication as part of our entry procedures and have a rigorous policy to ensure competent and safe handling of medication.  You can read our procedures for administering and recording medications within our Managing Medical Conditions and Medicines Policy .