School Lunches

We are very proud of our school lunches. All our students eat together to foster social skills, interaction and life skills. Our cook, Najat, is a star and staff enjoy her meals alongside our students. Najat uses only natural produce, bought locally, and cooks all meals on our premises. Everything is freshly made and nothing frozen. Fresh salad is available every day and chips only once a week. All special diets and allergies are catered for. Special occasion meals include a summer barbecue, an Easter roast chicken and a Christmas dinner. A typical week’s menu looks like this.

Moroccan Chicken Lasagne Vegetarian – pasta bake with sweetcorn

Chicken burger & chips


Fish fingers & chips

Vegetarian - ratatouille
Potatoes Jacket Potato
Salad Salad Salad Salad or sweetcorn Salad
Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit Fruit


Ashley College has felt like home, a proper place of care and safety…Your commitment to my son has helped to restore the faith I had lost in the education system.
Parent (July 2017)